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Green Room Concept Studios provides quality musical instruments for hire by GRCS students. As with all specialist equipment, there is a range of qualities. We consider value for money, quality of sound, quality in workmanship, re-sale value, and versatility in playing a wide range of styles to be important when buying an instrument. We encourage students to purchase their own instruments. Ownership increases the motivation that needs to be sustained when learning an instrument. But whilst we encourage this, we also understand that it is not always possible, so GRCS are here to help where we can.


Whilst every effort should be made to keep instruments secure, instruments should also be insured for all risks. In most cases these can be included as an item on household insurance policies (please check with your insurer). Valuations of GRCS instruments can be obtained from the Studio Director and range from $350 to $4000. Where the instrument is above a certain amount, specialist insurance companies will need to be approached. Instruments should be left in one specific place in the house, clear of any possible damage or obstruction. It is the parent/student’s responsibility to take care of the instrument when on loan. If the instrument is not returned in the same condition as when it was still with GRCS the parent/student could be required to pay for the full instrument amount (this amount will be decided by GRCS)



 I/we accept full responsibility for the proper care of the instrument hired from GRCS.
• I/we will take all reasonable care of the instrument to avoid theft and damage. The instrument must not be left out but always locked away in the case and out of sight when not in use. The instrument must not be left in places subject to heat such as, in vehicles, near household heaters & heater vents, or in direct sunlight.
• In case of loss or severe damage to the instrument I understand that the purchase of a replacement instrument will be at the expense of the hirer. The cost of repairs as a result of negligence will also be the responsibility of the hirer. Any repairs must be approved by GRCS.

However, repairs as a result of fair wear and tear will be an exception. Replacement parts i.e. strings and reeds, are the responsibility of the hirer. Other consumable items will also be the responsibility of the hirer.
• The fee for Hire of GRCS Instruments for each term will be billed to your term accounts, a fee of $50 per term applies.
• Hire will be on a term by term basis

GRCS Instrument Hire Form



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